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Rainbow - "Memories in Rock II"

2 CD + DVD - Tracklist

To be released on 06th april 2018, pre-order.


The new Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow release called "Memories in Rock II" will contain a 2 CD set with the highlights of the 3 shows in London, Glasgow and Birmingham. On the DVD you will be able to see footage of the last show in Birmingham as well as interviews with the whole band and backstage footage. 
- Memories in Rock II will be available as 2CD+DVD as well as 3LP in blue, red, green, or black vinyl.
- The Japanese edition, to be released on April 4th, will have an extra CD with the new 2017 studio recording of "Land of hope and Glory" and "I Surrender" plus the brand new track "Waiting for a Sign". There will be also an additional bonus track, "Burn" live UK 2017.




Release date: 06th April 2018


CD 1:

1. Over The Rainbow
2. Spotlight Kid
3. I Surrender
4. Mistreated
5. Since You've Been Gone
6. Man On The Silver Mountain/Woman From Tokyo
7. 16th Century Greensleeves
8. Soldier Of Fortune
9. Perfect Strangers
10. Difficult To Cure
11. All Night Long
12. Child In Time


CD 2:

1. Stargazer
2. Long Live Rock'n'Roll/Lazy
3. Catch The Rainbow
4. Black Night
5. Carry On Jon
6. Temple Of The King
7. Smoke On The Water
8. Waiting For A Sign



1. Ritchie Blackmore Interview
2. Ronnie Romero Interview
3. Jens Johansson Interview
4. Bob Nouveau Interview
5. David Keith Interview
6. Candice Night Interview
7. Lady Lynn Interview
8. Dave David Interview
9. Andreas Bock Interview
10. Michael Bockmühl Interview
11. Bonus Backstage Clip
12. I Surrender 2017 Backstage Clip




Blabbermouth Report


Preview of the upcoming Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow dvd- here's some behind the scenes. Subscribe to Candice Night's official youtube channel for more to come!
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